SmartStock component

Stock and 3PL management.

A new module has been added to the family of SmartTrade platform components  –  powerful and flexible warehouse inventory management module SmartStock. 

Key Features:

  • Handling of multiple separated warehouses
  • Direct purchases for stock
  • Accepting of refusals and returns to stock
  • Managing of 3PL stock inventories
  • Automatic offering and sales from stock inventories
  • Separated storage of the goods on each stock
  • Collecting of the goods for withdrawal with PDA-scanners
  • Ready-to-go integration with SmartTrade platform
  • Ability to use SmartStock as standalone system and integrate it with your own ERP

What This Means For You

  • Planning and organizing of your own stock purchases and sales
  • Effective offering and selling of the returned or refused goods
  • Providing of 3PL-services for your suppliers – reduce supply lead-time for the fast-moving goods, having them locally in your warehouse without investments.